Getting Started

The best way to start learning how to develop for Consolo is by creating a new web site using Consolo’s web site templates. This guide helps you with this. After this you can modify the web site into looking and working just the way you want it to.

Do you only want to try Consolo from an editor’s/end user’s viewpoint? Then jump to the page Try Consolo instead »

Do you want to install Consolo on an existing web site? Go through steps 1 to 2 in this guide, and then continue with the guide Installing Consolo on an existing web site »

Important! What do you have to know to be able to install Consolo?

Note that setting up Consolo on a web site requires technical skills on your behalf. If you only want to use the free version of Consolo, there is unfortunately no support or help included. Sufficient help should be found in this section.

To install Consolo by yourself, you need to be able to:

Without this knowledge, you will have a very difficult time installing Consolo by yourself. In this case, contact a web agency for a price quote on the installation work.

1. Installing Consolo and System Tools

Download and run the following installation:


In the second step of the installation, select the component System Tools. This will unlock two features in the program:

Knapp för ny webbplats A. A button for New Web Site / Configure in the log in window.



Menyval för FTPB. The option FTP System Tool in Consolo’s menu. The FTP tool is however only displayed when you log in as the system administrator.

2. The Dialog Window “New Web Site”

Dialog för ny webbplatsNow you can display the dialog window to the right by clicking the New Web Site button in the login window.

3. HTTP/FTP-Information

Enter the FTP-information for the web server you want to install Consolo on. Click Login. Consolo will now check that the information is correct. If the information isn’t correct, you have to change it and try again.

Consolo will install a simple web site in the folder you have just specified. If the web server is used for something else, you should choose a sub folder, for instance .

Dialog för server-installation4. Install Web Site Template

Consolo will now discover that there is no existing Consolo-installation on the current web site. Choose one of the web site templates and click Install. When Consolo has uploaded all the files, you will see the configuration file editor. You don’t have to mind it at this point, and you can return to it later.


Dialog för användare5. Create Users

Click Users (a), New User (b), enter a user name and a password and click Save User (c).

6. Log in

Choose Cancel Configuration. You will now return to the login window. Enter the login information for the user you just created. Click Log in or press Enter on the keyboard.

7. Developer Features

In Consolo, choose Menu and FTP System Tool. This view together with the Configuration Tool are your most important utensils when developing for Consolo.

Menyval för FTP In the FTP window you can upload files and edit files using your favorite editor. To open a file simply double-click it. Note that right-clicking on a file displays more options than the ones in the toolbar.

From here you can modify the web site to work and look any way you want. Use this documentation as a support in the development process.